Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just in case you'd like a refresher

Good things:
It's hot, but we have window-unit air conditioners for the bedrooms so we can sleep at night.
Soccer practice for Saturday was cancelled (not that we have anything against soccer practice generally, or regret deciding to be co-assistant coaches for Dean's team, but Saturday was looking scarily hectic and this does simplify things big time).
I started cleaning my craft room today and got the computer table area done (a small start, but a start).
We accepted the little girl who came for her screening visit at school today (I just love accepting kids!).
Mr. Handyman (really, that's the name) is coming tomorrow to fix the window sills on the north side of the house that are showing signs of rot, and the plumber is also coming, we hope, to fix the toilet in the upstairs bathroom.
I totally cleaned the inside and outside of my car and it feels lovely to get into it these days.
Ken and I are, through sheer luck and the kindness of friends, going to The Police concert in Boston on Saturday -- haven't been to a rock concert in 10? 15? years, and have never seen The Police so it should be fun (even if it does rain [outdoor show] but we'll hope it does not).

What's good with you?


estea said...

mmmm rich and chocolaty

every time i see your blog name i want to yell it.

like this


i don't know why. (it's an awesome name, though)


Natalie said...

My boys insist on knowing more about the name "Infinity More Monkeys." They love it and they love saying "monkey."