Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's all go to the seaside and make a sand castle

I love old postcards. Just love them. I especially love when they were used, and have postage and a message on the back (not the case for this one). Just saying.

It is hot and sticky this morning; thunderstorms are in the forecast and, as always, I hope the rain comes through and clears out the heat and humidity. Although, on the other hand, with Dean's having Zoo Camp today (and all this week), I also wouldn't mind if the rain held off until after 5 so that he could get his day in. I've been working every day while Dean is in camp, and am frustrated with myself that all my good plans hatched in the mornings of what I am going to get done in the evenings seem to go right out the window once I'm home. Between getting laundry and dishes and dinner done, and birthday cards made and checks written and ant farms installed (Dean's only been asking for ages), I'm not finding/making the time to do much else. Next week should be better.

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