Friday, July 6, 2007


Just a few (I promise!) pictures from our vacation. Dean and Ken on the cliff walk trail at Portland Head Light.

Mr. Silly tries on the goods at Acadia National Park.

My own Forest Gnome heads off on a trail at Acadia; I love that he just blends right in. Of course, the fact that he talked and sang pretty much the entire time we hiked meant that while he visually blended in, the forest had no doubt that we were there.

Up, up, up to Connor's Nubble .

Taking the top! The best hiking we've done, with views to make all the effort worthwhile.
Ken and Dean at Jordan Pond (still Acadia), with the two points , behind them, to which we climbed -- Connor's Nubble and North Bubble.Ken and Dean test the water on Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth. We go early in the season to have all these places nearly to ourselves.

I'll leave it at that (nothing worse than being subjected to too many of someone's vacation snaps) and confess to you that should we ever win the lottery, we'd buy a small place up there in Maine so that experiences like these could come more than over the course of just a hand full of days each year.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer I had so much to catch up with on your blog! I have really enjoyed it. Firstly I LOVE your apron and your photo and the birthday card looks WONDERFUL and I can't believe it but that Cute Book I have had in my wish list on Amazon US for ages and finally bought it just last week!! How's that???? It hasn't arrived yet but can't wait until it does! Your vacation snaps are glorious too! I have FINALLY got your fabric scraps on my blog!

Flibbertygibbet said...

Oh I have such fond memories of working in Bar Harbor... looks like a wonderful holiday!

Felicia said...

Looks like a terrific vacation :)

kathy said...

copngratulations on hiking the Bubbles...not just a walk in the woods. So nice to see pictures of familiar surroundings and I'm happy you loved our state.