Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have been busy quilting lately, honest I have, but I'm still a couple of weeks away from having anything to show you, so I'm pulling out the way-back machine and showing something from, well, way back.

This is a fragment of a quilt I made for a guild challenge, back when I belonged to a guild. The red brick and multi-colored fabrics were required, and the theme was "home." They are hard to see here, but each "dream home" (blue units) in my quilt is embroidered with a word -- here we have "Elation," "Charity," "Understanding," and "Forgiveness." I did not particularly love this quilt -- I still don't -- and it's largely why I ended up dropping out of the guild. For all the good experiences (and there were many), I got tired of working so hard, and exclusively, on guild-driven projects that I really wasn't wild about. So, yes, I was pretty productive during my guild years, but I was making things that really weren't "me." But I later used the embroidered word idea on another quilt and am thinking about it again, so it wasn't a total waste.

Hey, it's hard to quilt when it's about 90f and about 90% humidity (and you know what they say, it's not the heat...). What are you making?


Anonymous said...

hi Jennifer this quilt looks lovely - and so do those Starbucks icecreams. I have tagged you!!!! for the 8 facts/habits about me!!

Felicia said...

Its good that you're able to look back and realize that those projects just we're making you happy. Now you can focus on making things that do. Isn't it odd how you can make something that turns out lovely but you can't stand to have it around because all you remember is how painful the circumstances were when you made it?