Monday, December 3, 2007

Good news

This is the center part of a mini-quilt (roughly 8.5 x 11") going out in a day or two; trying to get all the gifts mailed this week. I'm even thinking about finishing my own mini-quilt. Having the time to consider getting a project done for myself feels like the ultimate accomplishment at the moment.

Dean and I spent some time this morning putting ornaments on the tree, since school was delayed for 90 minutes because of the overnight dusting of snow and ice. "Do you know how Jesus died," Dean asked. "Well yes, Dean, I do know." "Really horrible," Dean said, "I hate to even think about it." There were a few moments of silence and I said, "but he rose again, Dean -- he didn't really die -- that's what Easter is all about; we celebrate that he rose from the dead and has eternal life." Dean just stared at me in awe before saying, under his breath, "sweeeeet!"


Natalie said...

Yes, sweet.
Thank you for sharing this dear moment.

Felicia said...

LOL Kids are such a hoot! Your mini quilt is beautiful. I'm happy to report that I put all the mailable Christmas presents in the in mail today. Yippee!

jess said...

That's precious. I love sharing moments like that. I think I love it even more when it's with my son. Brody told me a couple of days ago that it's important to have presents for ourselves at Christmas, because Jesus would want presents for his birthday. How do you argue with 5 yr old logic?

Heidi said...

mini quilt is great, is it the size of the Halloween one you made me or a bit larger? I have a friend having a baby in Feb and I think I'm going to take the plunge and make the new baby a quilt! Yikes!