Friday, December 21, 2007

One, two, three...

I could not resist adding just a little more polar bear to this Christmas, and yesterday made a vest for Dean with polar bears on it. Simplicity pattern 9498 has both a very simple vest pattern and a hat pattern as well that I've made bunches of times out of fleece -- great projects, fast, and they'd be good for beginners who want to start using their machines to make clothing items.

Dean and I started our school vacation break yesterday by going out early so he could do his Christmas shopping. Now, I'd been asking him since early November if he wanted to spend a day in Boston with me when we could get his shopping done, go out to lunch, have some fun in the city -- but he was never up for it (if ever a boy loved staying home...). But yesterday was the day and while we couldn't go to Boston (more snow was falling, and Boston is a MESS during snow and after snowfalls -- they still don't have the streets cleared from last week's snow) we went to Framingham/Natick which is strip-mall heaven (or hell, but you know what I mean) so he could pick out a tie for Ken and a Webkinz for me (sigh -- it IS the thought that counts). I did try to convince him at the start of all this that handmade gifts would be most appreciated, but he is at that age when it's important to him to be able to spend money on things -- it's that point in childhood when you feel like since all you've ever done is MAKE things for people that you need to be big and save up your allowance to buy things instead. I do understand. We had a delightful lunch out together, and worked on his mega snow fort in the yard when we got home (after he wrapped and hid his purchases). Ken had his office Christmas party last night so we never even saw him. We shared a mac and cheese dinner in front of the tv (!), snuggled up under a blanket, and watched one of the shows we recorded about Disney World. Man, life is good.

Turns out today, with Ken now home on his break, too, that there's a whole plan afoot for us to go see National Treasure: Book of Secrets; not long ago, we rented the first National Treasure movie and all absolutely loved it. I was extremely impressed -- while it's not for little kids, they did actually make a movie that appeals to and is appropriate for kids and adults. Dean loves US history, and the movie did a nice job of raising his interest (and savvy) even higher. We'll finish up a few more errands, get the rolling salt box (car) washed, and while Ken and Dean do more snow fort work, I'll get cookie dough going and some wrapping done. It feels like the right place to be, with 3 days to go. Sure, I wish I were done with the wrapping and had the housework underway, but I know from experience that we will manage. I JUST had the brilliant idea to perhaps use festive paper napkins on Christmas rather than ironing the big stack of cloth ones; I'd rather cut some corners than decide I don't have time to go to the movies.

I hope this finds you making the decisions you need to make about what gets done and what doesn't, and that you are not driving yourself crazy trying to do it all.


Felicia said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation so far. I thoroughly enjoyed National Treasure and can't wait to see the second movie :)

KristenMary said...

Your break sounds just wonderful! I can't wait to start mine tomorrow and I hope that homemade cookies will be in there somewhere too. Happy Holidays!!