Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sew-it-up Saturday

It's a day of snow fog here; warmer than it has been for a while, so the snow starts to melt and evaporate quickly enough to create fog. I stepped out the front door this morning in my slippers and jammies to take this shot; I am still having endless fun playing with the camera Natalie sent me, figuring out the settings and thinking about how it changes everything to be able to have instant access to a photo.

Toying with the idea of some theme days for my blog, but not sure how long I can be consistent with it. I've long been a fan of these photobooth Fridays and I'm enjoying wordless Wednesdays, so I'm tempted. In case I do manage to pull this off, I think Saturdays are a good day for sharing crafty things -- sew-it-up Saturdays? I give you these ancient embroidery designs for camels it that spirit today; I'm also thinking about Three Kings' Day coming up January 6, and these camels seem the sort that could have been carrying kings....

Finally, the first pair of elf shoes I made from Jenny's pattern (I reduced it down quite a bit). I see that I need to do a better job of planning so that the knots end up under the uppers and not visible in the back of the shoe, but that's what practice is for. I'm wondering, though -- would everyone know what to do with the gift of a pair of elf shoes? Would you open them and think, "oh, what an adorable pair of elf shoes that I can put out with my other Christmas decorations!" Or would you think, "why did she send me this weird pair of doll shoes?" Would it make sense to attach them to some ribbon so they could be hung on the tree?

I'm also very fond of little wooly felt baby shoe patterns and wonder if I made them up and added some wintery embroidery and put, oh, some Hershey's kisses or something in them, would that be a good gift or would someone wonder why the sam hill I was sending them baby shoes? I guess I could just include a little note, or -- aha! -- send them early as St. Nicholas Day gifts and then the whole shoe thing would make a little more sense. Right? Yes, I worry too much.


Sam I Am said...

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
Happy New Year to you !!!

These lil shoes are ADORABLE!!!!! HOW CUTE :)
They make me SMILE :)

Lesley (El Zed) said...

OMG what a view outside your very own front door! Lucky you!
All I see are slightly altered versions of the same house we're living in, ad nauseam. And freakin' palm trees. Sheesh.
Your picture made me take a deep breath of that imagined chilly, fresh air. Thank you!

Natalie said...

With an elf note, I think they would make a darling gift. No worries... they're cute. Love the camels. Love the snow... Lesley and I suffer the same sad fate: Nothing but miles of garages and palm trees. I think it is so awesome that you are enjoying the camera... I am still amazed by the wonder of instant digital gratification and *delete.* It allows so much freedom to play, and experiment.

jess said...

I love these little shoes!!!