Thursday, December 27, 2007

It was time to get out into the world today, after being happily snug at home since Monday. Dean had a gift card that was burning a hole in his pocket (a lot of other people seemed to be suffering similarly out there) and so we made a swoop to get some fresh air, some post-Christmas bargains, and some lunch. Had to stop at the bookstore, of course. "Um, are you going to be taking pictures now of everything we do"? Dean asked. Well, yeah!

I had thought how cool it would be to take a picture in the drive-through car wash we were planning to drive through, but the sleety rain and slush coming down made it seem like a trip for another day. I have so many new projects in my head that I'm finding it hard to buckle down and DO anything; that, and I'm enjoying that so many bloggers are now picking up where they left off online before Christmas.

Any big plans at your house for New Year's Eve? We're going to try to pick up some nice fish (salmon, maybe) and will try out some of our new games (so far we like Set, which is a card game) and watch a movie or two before checking out the drop of the big ball in Times Square. I am STILL not used to living on Eastern Time; growing up, when Dick Clark shouted "Happy New Year!" it meant that you still had an hour to go before it was real. I'm always caught off-guard and feel weird that when he (or will there be a replacement this year?) says it, it is for real. Is it time to start talking about resolutions yet?

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