Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday, and then some

St. Ignatius School, Chicago, circa 1969

I don't recognize these faces, although I certainly recognize the place -- our elementary school. I believe my brother took this picture so I'll have to ask if he knows more of the details.

As much as I've enjoyed taking a break, I'm eager to get back into it here. I plan to catch up on all my email (if you've been waiting to hear back from me I am sorry -- and I will write!), get caught up here, and return to all of your blogs that I've been missing.

School officially starts for us next Wednesday, but I've been back to work this week for meetings and preparation. One of the very best parts of working in a school is getting back into an annual schedule where September is a fresh start full of promise and possibility and sharp pencils. New crayons. Fresh shoes and recent haircuts. A beginning that will have an end, and at that end you will have achieved something, will have learned, will be ready for the next new step.


Natalie said...

I miss you, and I love your fresh start point of view... fresh crayons and sharp pencils signal a primal sense of optimism in me. You reminded me of something very nice.

Lesley said...

I'm so glad you're back. It hasn't been the same round here without you!

Sam I Am said...

ahhhh..yes..the start of school...
such great smells there!!
the fresh classrooms..
the brand new book smell...YUMMO..
the brand-spankin' new crayons that you hate to use cuz they're still NEW!
the pencil shavings..yummm...
the scent of new plastic binders and pencil bags..
and ooooooooo..better yet..pencil boxes..gosh how i loved them!! little treasure boxes filled with pencils and pens and markers and sharpeners and paperclips and highlighters...WHAT COULD BE BETTER???

Felicia said...

I hear you about getting back to the regular routine. Sometimes I think its a refreshing change. Hope back to school went off without a hitch!