Saturday, August 30, 2008


Having my ABC-Along 2008 project in mind all summer enabled me to focus on nature in a fresh way and made our family walks a letter scavenger hunt ("keep an eye out for something that looks like 'R'; no, I already have a 'C'..."). Given that one or all three of us participate in 4 to 5 dog walks daily, it's been handy to have something to think and talk about while we're out there. Here, then, is the letter form 'Q' and...
Queen Anne's Lace. I've been exploring the backs of flowers this summer, as you may have noticed, and am trying to decide if this should be a project on its own. I'm tempted, also, to plan an ABC Garden; aster to zinnia, even if they aren't all in bloom at once.

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Felicia said...

I spent a bit of time photographing the underside of mushrooms this summer. Its been delightful. Now I'm finally catching up on the blogging world. Your Queen flower is beautiful :)