Friday, September 5, 2008

Flashback Friday

First day of school, September 2002

First day of school, September 2008

So, okay, where did my baby go? How did all this happen, and how did it happen so quickly? Dean is finishing up his first week back to school and is loving it just as much, if not more, than he did when he first started. More, really -- loving it more.

I'm making the transition, too, back to all our routines and establishing the new ones we need. Not quite caught up yet but I feel good about the progress I'm making. Gosh but I love a fresh start.

Summer is still here in spirit, in weather, anyway. Natalie wrote beautifully about the Southern California summer and I have to agree with her that September here, too, feels more like summer than fall. I try to pick a favorite season but I never can; I think what I love most are all the transitions from one season to another. I love reveling in the tail-end of one and anticipating the next. I love the different feelings, foods, opportunities, holidays, skies, stars, and landscapes of each season. I love that today is kind of hot and sticky in a way I wouldn't love it the same in July, because today I can treasure it as amongst the last and know that cool crisp days are coming. My biggest challenge lately has been appreciating the season that's just passing for all that we DID do, and not seeing it only in terms of what we did not do -- and I am working on that.

I'm also trying to get on (stay on?) more of an efficiency kick, and to that end I'm going to go now and clean the upstairs bathroom and fold the piles of laundry and maybe (gasp!) even vacuum a little before going to pick up Dean and one of his friends from school. Gotta feed 'em and get 'em ready for and over to soccer practice later this afternoon. I feel lucky to be here now, to have these tasks to do (ok, I'd rather not clean the bathroom, but you know what I mean). I feel optimistic and hopeful and ready.

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Chocolate on my Cranium said...

oh wow! It's amazing how much kids can grow and change in just a few short years.