Monday, September 8, 2008

When it's working

Isn't it just wonderful when life's pieces fall exactly into place? We went to buy Dean's jersey for the new soccer season; the store that sells them puts on a variety of numbers ahead of time and you just go and pick one. As I approached the rack I started to ask Dean if he cared what number he wore but stopped myself and said instead, "show me lucky number 9!" And there it was!! So now Dean channels his inner Fernando when he plays and didn't his team win its season opener on Saturday! (Although, yes, I AM counting on Dean to carry through the season uninjured, unlike our man Mr. Torres.) Ah, life is good.
Very good.
This particular mini golf course isn't great in terms of hole design. Most people go here for the full-size golf driving range, although at least they have recently refurbished the giant animals so they aren't full of holes themselves anymore. And we love these animals -- so 1950-esque.
Definitely white with black stripes.
A glorious weekend. Despite feeling just on Friday that summer was holding on, there's a bit of fall in the air that arrived after the tail end of Hurricane Hanna passed by. I'm thinking a lot these days about focus, and energy, and seeing things in a new way. Sure, establishing good routines but also breaking out of ruts. Trying to change how I see myself. I'm always interested in the idea of change, of understanding what is and isn't changeable within ourselves. I know it starts with the psychological piece, dealing with the imbedded "I can't" and turning that into "I can, I will." And figuring out the right places to simply say, "I am."

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Juddie said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love this post! It's so full of happy and positive things to think about ...

And I especially love the sunflower. Gorgeous!