Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, Susanna!

There truly is nothing else quite like opening up your mailbox and discovering, completely unexpectedly, a package from a blogging friend. It's in a whole category of delight unto itself. Susanna sent me one of her unbelievably beautiful bracelets, a gorgeous photograph, and a candy bar from Finland that I am saving to eat at a time when I can savor. every. bite. Out of the blue, these wonders came.
"S." Right? You see it too, don't you? Dean says he sees it, and so it goes into my ABC-Along file.
And 's' is for 'snake.' We met this fellow in our front yard, right up by the steps to the house. His face is there, in the back, between the green leaves. Saying 'hello.'
My own out of the blue offering for you -- a morning glory at its finest. I particularly love the flowers that reach up to the sun and that bow back down at night, tucking themselves away. They respond. I love response.

I've got Dean's Halloween costume in the works and will share a peek soon. I'm busy at work but happy; the effort seems worthwhile. We seem to be managing the weekly round of homework and lessons and practice and soccer games and birthday parties and play dates and everything else that comes our way. I'm awaiting the cold snap, the end of the soccer season, to ramp up on the sewing I keep talking about, thinking about.

But for now I think this: make it last.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I can totally see the S. You forgot to mention that S stands for surprises too. They are such fun!

Gina said...

Beautiful photos

Love and hugs Gina xxx

pretty essential said...

I see it too!

Enjoy your lovely gifts from Finland, such generosity in this blogland community.

pikkujutut said...

Oh boy, don't know if I dare to say..I sent you a wrong photo (..but this only means there will be more surprises :)).
And yes, there is S...

Natalie said...

I do see the S, and the snake's face.
I am so impressed that you have a Halloween costume in the works already... I won't tell my boys, since I know I am not ready to go there yet!

Felicia said...

That snake picture is incredible!