Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love the quality of light on rainy days. I love the color saturation you get when you bring out the camera. I can feel the sadness in these beach toys; they just seem to know that now summer is on its last, feeble legs.
Despite dire forecasts of nasty flooding and downpours, the weekend's rain managed to stay quite civilized. It was no problem getting into Boston yesterday to see Kooza, the Cirque du Soleil show we'd bought tickets for months ago. Kooza is one of their traveling shows, and I urge you with all my heart to check out the list of cities and see if it's coming near you. And if it is, go see it. We love Cirque du Soleil; all three of us have seen La Nouba, and Ken has seen a bunch of the Vegas shows (he didn't care for Love, though so we don't recommend that one). Anyway, it's hard to describe what these shows are like -- all I can think to say is that it's like an intense dream of a circus; something more rich, more layered, more textural, with more meaning. I'm struck by how, even though it's one "ring" (although that's hardly the word) unlike Ringling Brothers' 3 rings, you still struggle to try to take in and see everything that's happening at once. It is performance art and music and costumes and staging and unforgettable experience -- you'll see things you can't even believe you are seeing and that you will surely never see again. We missed Corteo when it came through -- last year, I think -- and I'm kicking myself. We'll never let one pass by us again and if we had the $$ we'd head down to NYC to see Wintuk.
And then there's 't.' Or, 'T.' Still ABC-Alonging, see?
In June, Dean and his friends spied this turtle laying her eggs out in front of our house, near the road. 'T' is for 'turtle,' and we've been watching and waiting all summer. 'T' is also for tomorrow, and that's when I'll tell you what we've recently discovered....


Lesley said...

Great pics!
I am also a Cirque de Soleil fan. I so agree with you. It's an alternative universe! We've seen them in Austraia (Saltimbanco), and in June we took Will to see Ka in Las Vegas, which took so much time and money to set up that it will never travel. My oh my! I think I sat there like a stunned mullet all the way through! I just did not want it to end.
Now I'm all excited at your news ...

pretty essential said...

We've been to 2 Cirque de Soleil shows and thoroughly loved them both.

How amazing to have a turtle lay eggs near your house, will we see the babies one day soon?