Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday Plus

I love photos in which there are shadows of the photographer and others, like this one. Something so dear and so mysterious about them. I am fairly certain that this is a picture of my mother's Aunt Ann; there is a slight chance though that it is my grandmother, Lee. It was certainly taken in Chicago -- probably in Lincoln Park. The woman's nose looks a bit more like my grandmother's, although both women had that particular family feature (can't say I'm sorry that my mom's button nose, comparatively speaking, that came from her father's side, is the one that carried down). But Ann was just a much more genuinely happy person, and photos of my grandmother -- the rare ones where she's smiling -- tend to show a more simpering, fakey kind of smile. But maybe this was a wonderfully happy day and maybe it is Lee....
Would you guess that this is another installment of my Disney World photos? Taken in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom (one of the four theme parks). I have never been to Asia -- the real place -- but all the features and details of the park make me feel that I have a sense of it. This particular little area of the park is really quite new, which gives you some appreciation of all the work that went in to making it look so old. There's nothing here, really, in this picture; what I mean is that the door doesn't lead anywhere and there's no restaurant nor attraction here -- it is just a little terrace over a river that you can either hurry right by or you can stop and enjoy it. Can you see that even the ground, the path that you walk on, is even so carefully made to look as though it has been there forever, some little walkway in some untouched little corner of Asia?

A thank you for the kind words of support from yesterday. When Laura Jane spoke of our sharing the full moon (did you see it? incredible!), I was reminded of a recent conversation that clued me in to the fact that the names of the full moons that I know are a particular American tradition and not shared around the world (unless it just happened that the guy from Germany I was talking to just wasn't aware?). Do you know the names of the full moons? Are they named differently where you live?
January Wolf Moon
February Snow Moon
March Worm Moon
April Pink Moon
May Flower Moon
June Strawberry Moon
July Buck Moon
August Sturgeon Moon
September Harvest Moon
October Hunter's Moon
November Beaver Moon
December Cold Moon
... and, of course, when a month has two full moons, the second is called a Blue Moon


Natalie said...

I knew 'hunter' and 'harvest,' but the rest are completely new to me... it's so lovely. This is a nice post.

Lesley said...

I had no idea about these names for the moon — thank you! They are beautiful.
I'm hoping for the pressure to drop for you really soon, so you can loosen up those shoulders, relax a little and get back to normal.
Love all the glimpses of Disney stuff. I've never been to D-world, but D-land amazes me every time I go.Such attention to detail, every surface, every square inch thought about.