Sunday, November 9, 2008

So at a certain point...

At a certain point, I realize, I just have to move on. Rather than making excuses (well-intentioned) or promises (ditto), I just need to chip away at doing what I can, not telling you about all the other things that are keeping me from being here, and just catch up. I was thinking about throwing in the ABC-Along towel but when I realized how few letters were left I knew that failure was not an option. Here, then, is the letter 'V.'
And 'v' for 'viola.' Of course this tips my hand; these were photos I took over the summer, working in advance a bit -- good thing, since it was my salvation. Do they call these "Johnny Jump Ups" where you live?
And here's 'W.' These feel like very honest letters to me; no squinting required by you to see what I see.
And 'w' for 'white.' A viburnum, but still white.

Rather than trying to make up for lost Flashback Fridays I'll just keep a weather eye on the week and plan to be here to make that happen (for a change). Have a wonderful week, and let me know how it's going.


Gina said...

love the photos.
Viola's are also known as Heart's ease over here as they are used by herballists as medication for heart problems.

Love and husg Gina xxx

Sam I Am said...

great pictures...