Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

Jimmy's Diner, Wilmington Delaware (I believe), c. 1983
I took this photo in college, when I was a photojournalism student. I was looking for a different picture to post today -- one I took at around the same time, of my mother cooking up Thanksgiving foods. If I can find it before Thursday, I'll post that one....

And these gorgeous faces are in Disney World, at the Canada Pavillion in the World Showcase at Epcot.

It was 12 degrees (f.) when I walked the dog this morning. Twelve is NOT a big enough number. Not nearly. A fairly mild fall here is finishing off with a vengeance; almost no transition from highs in the fifties to highs in the twenties and thirties. I hope the rain in the forecast next week really is rain, and not the snow that I'm just not yet ready for. Working on pie crusts today, to go into the freezer for next week's apple pie; also ironing linens and polishing silver. I hope Dean's up for making some placecards with me, or some other kind of holiday project that we can do together. He's eager to play his new piano pieces for Ken's parents and brother who will come for Thanksgiving. I'm trying to put the holiday in the proper perspective -- enjoying the season and the intent rather than getting bogged down by the work and inevitable challenges of the particular company.

My brother Tony, who lives in southern Missouri, called me this morning and asked me to come over to his house for the day to help him get all the deer meat into the smoker to make jerky; told him I'd like nothing better than to actually be able to hop in the car and do that.

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