Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moments of beauty

I'm not sure if it's going to make me feel better, or not. Taking time I don't have to do something I very much want to do -- write a blog entry for the sake of doing something that matters to me (and not something on my to-do list put there by others, or by me but on behalf of others). But here I am, and maybe I do even feel a little better already....

I realize that the likelihood of the long, lush, photo-jammed entry all about Disney World is slim, despite my aspirations. So instead I'll simply start -- sharing a photo at a time and unveiling over time just why I love that place so very much. This photo was taken at the Wilderness Lodge, one of the resort hotels on the property. One of the kazillion or so things I love about Disney World is the absolute, complete, and unwavering attention to detail -- and to detail that many visitors pass right by without noticing. It's the kind of place where the more you slow down to look, the more you see. We've stayed at the Wilderness Lodge before and I do love it, although we didn't stay there this time. We were there for dinner at Artists' Point -- a magnificent restaurant.

Ah. I hear the dog going bonkers and Dean getting frustrated and so off I go. More, soon, I hope.


Natalie said...

It looks and sounds blissful... please take us back when you get the chance.
Otherwise, please give yourself more opportunities to do whatever you need to relieve yourself from The List.

Laura Jane said...

Set your heart at rest Jennifer, we understand.

We are happy to have you point out the smallest points of beauty, and share the zen moments of appreciation. What a beautiful lantern, such a calming scene.

I just came in from viewing the full moon, the fullest moon, shining brightly through my highlight windows as it rose.

These moments are everywhere.

Tonight when you see the moon, say hi again to it from me, here in Australia, where it has already visited this night.

Linda said...

what a beautiful calming photo! Disney World sounds wonderful, wish we could visit too!!!