Friday, January 2, 2009

Clean and shiny: before

I guess that in order to get clean, I have to come clean. Helen, my partner in "use as much time as you can this weekend to clean up or catch up on a project, knowing that you have a blog friend urging you on," insists that I must post my "before" photos, and I find myself generally doing what Helen tells me to do. I bet she has that effect on a lot of people.

Anyway, to my great shame I show you the condition of my craft room (aka the spare bedroom). Let me say in my defense that it is the universal place that Ken and Dean dump things that they don't know what to do with (but that, ah, generally belong to me) and also the room where all the Christmas presents got wrapped and where all the ironing goes to lie in wait until hell freezes over or I get to iron (whichever comes first).

This photo (above) is particularly sad to me, since I had this whole business cleaned up earlier in the year but it didn't stay that way "forever," as I had intended.
Yes, actually, I DO have to climb carefully over quite a bit to get to the computer -- thanks for asking! Know anyone who needs a bed rail in perfect condition? Dean outgrew the need for this one ages ago.
You get the picture. Natalie says she's going to pick a clean-up project to join in, and Gina has a bedroom redecorating project that she said she'd trade me for (but that was before she knew the size of my mess). Please do go give them some encouragement, too, and let me know if you'd like to join in with a project of your own.

Meanwhile, I have continued my sewing projects from Christmas; I finished the new robe for Dean today and will try to get him to model for me tomorrow, and I made Biscuit's stocking (only way to be sure we'll be ready for next year). I see I'll have to straighten that cuff a bit, and of course Biscuit will have to try to be good enough to deserve anything in his stocking next year.

[Edited to add: this is, of course, exactly why I get myself into such trouble. On January 2, I'd rather spend time making a stocking for a dog than cleaning my house or ironing or putting laundry away or doing any of those much more legitimate tasks. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.]


Natalie said...

oh cr@p... you're being really, really honest, so I suppose you expect me to show my dark side too? Oh, dear. My sewing room is bad. And like you, if I go in there, I am more likely to try and finish Christmas stockings for next year, than actually *come clean!*
You are cracking me up Jennifer!

Helen Conway said...

HA! I haf on my leavfer boots and ze whip to mak sure vat you tidy up ze pigpen tommorrow.

If you read my post for today you will see that all that mess comes out of that room first - that is where you get revenge and get to put it wherever Ken and Dean keep their stuff. Then you put the bed rail on the drive and leave it there until Ken takes it to the tip or the charity shop or whatever. You do not need it!!

Laura Jane said...

Oh Jennifer

I too am in a similar (but muuuuuch worse) state of climbing overness to get to the computer.

But it is really, REALLY hot here (high 30's Celsius or >90F) and it is a smallish stuffy room and I have no heart to achieve said task currently, without suffering heatstroke.

However, as part of my 100th post giveaway (on offer NOW), I am planning it (the cleanup) very soon - as a random de-stash giveaway is part of it - Do you see my evil plan here?

And I agree with Helen - dangle the bedrail from a tree out on the street - someone who needs it will claim it

Happy New Year!