Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clean and shiny: during

Good morning! This is the start of a day (well, it's really going to be two days) of cleaning up and finishing up, shared by Helen over in England, Natalie in California, perhaps by Gina in South Wales (if she decides to start her redecorating project), and by Laura Jane in spirit (but it's waaaay too hot in Australia just now to be cleaning up a small room). If you'd like to check something off your to-do list, why not say so here and get in on the action?

I had to start by clearing off my desk top; my hope is that I can take more pictures from further back, soon, to show progress over the horrors that I posted yesterday for your viewing pleasure.

I'll update this post as I go.

Progress: 9:27 a.m.
I can walk to and from my computer table unimpeded! That desk top surface is (still) clean!

The sewing table has been cleaned! I won't get to the vacuuming until tomorrow, most likely, when more of the general cleaning has been done.You might feel that my various shelves and bookcases are not tidied up to your liking. I understand. I've learned, however, with these areas that are in constant use, there's no point beyond having things where they belong and accessible because if I neaten them all up to make everything fit perfectly, it comes undone the moment I take anything out and then I get discouraged.

How's your day coming along?

Next update: 11:02 a.m.
This is too. funny. So we've got to leave shortly to spend a Christmas visit with Ken's parents -- long story short, today's the day that got rescheduled. All week, I've been asking Ken to get his gifts wrapped. Didn't do it. Just now? He tries to set himself up at my newly cleaned sewing table to do his wrapping? Ah, no sir. Dining room table for you!

I'll be back this afternoon with more updates. Wish me luck with the relations.


Helen Conway said...

Way hey - table top! thats a good start.

Helen Conway said...

Wow hwta a difference! Your sewing table is clear... does that mean I can nag you to actually get some sewing done now :)!
Does it feel good? You did it really quickly.

Helen Conway said...

I've given up for a while! But I'll still be on line for your encouragement - let me know how your relative visiting went.

Lisa said...

Good Morning, Jennifer. I hope your visit with the family went well. Scott is off to Costa Rica and I am left trying to figure out how I've been off work for two weeks and hardly made a dent in my list of "to do's". Good luck with finishing up your project room clean-up. I only made a small dent in mine this vacation.