Sunday, January 4, 2009

Clean and shiny: during, day 2


Yesterday went south on me with a trip to Ken's parents; I thought we'd be back in time for me to do a little more and post again, but no such luck. I'm at it again today, though, with big plans and some fiddle music on to get me hopping (Traditional Fiddle Music of Kentucky -- Up the Ohio and Licking Rivers; available on iTunes).

1:02 p.m. I'm at my least favorite point in this whole business; lots of stuff necessarily pulled apart to be sorted out and cleaned, but in process that creates an even bigger mess. If you don't think I've made progress, check out the 'before' picture and get back to me. I just have miles to go before I sleep. So far today I haven't had anything other than 2 cups of coffee and a banana, and Ken's convinced me to take a lunch break by making my lunch so I'll be back shortly.

4:12 p.m.

Not 100% done, but it feels 100% better (if that's possible; conversational mathematics not my specialty). The stack on the ironing board isn't nearly as high as I thought it would be. I can both work on projects and continue to clean, so no time will be wasted in here (she said, optimistically). I'm tired now, and utterly, utterly shocked that the 2 week winter vacation has ended. Too bad it's just been Christmas because I do feel about ready to face it now.

Did you see all Helen got done? And she's trading, and giving away over there so you should definitely take a look. Now, to the dishes....


Natalie said...

I need some fiddle music too, but I have another day of being other places, so I am not too hopeful about what I can accomplish.
But I will not surrender!

Helen Conway said...

Oh yes, lunch is a vial part of the plan. I am back from ice hockey - why did you not tell me to take a quilt?! - and ready to encourage virtually for the next couple of hours.

Garnered Stitches said...

The room is looking good and ready to create in - what will be your New Year's project?
I looked at my 2008 Jan blog and I said I would make a stitch sampler or stitch sample index which I have yet to start - so hopefully I can start this this year.

Happy New Year

best wishes