Monday, January 12, 2009

Where the time goes: 2008

A look through the year, with mostly new (to the blog) images.


February, and the blur of a puppy that Dean was about to choose for his own -- really, though, they chose each other.

March, and a desire to record the everyday.

April 4, Dean's 10th


June, and our trip to Maine with dear friends who visited from Ireland.

July, captured by Dean during one of our daily drives to and from camp when we talked and laughed and listened to music and enjoyed the ride.

August, and happy birthday to Ken.

September, and we couldn't recall the year without including soccer and lots of it.

October, and Walt Disney World.



12 months, 365 days, and countless moments of joy. It is either my strength or my weakness that my built-in rear-view-mirror for life picks up and magnifies the good and just leaves the less-good totally behind. I remember things as having been wonderful.

When I look through this finished collection, I see that even though I was thinking (as I chose the photos), "OK, not ALL pictures of Dean...", it ended up being nearly all pictures of Dean anyway. And I'm good with that. He is central to my life and I love that; sure, I could find other images with which to summarize the year, but they wouldn't be true to what the year was really about. Our time together as a family defines so much of me. There are days when I struggle a little with that, and when I purposefully make time to make choices that are more about me. But my life isn't "me," it is "we." It's small and it's quiet and sometimes noisy and chaotic and sometimes it's on the road but a lot of the time it's at home. This good life. This one that I wouldn't trade for any other.


Natalie said...

Well done.
I hope this year is wonderful too.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

What a wonderful look back at the year. It's given me the idea to do this as a display somewhere in my home.

pikkujutut said...

Love this idea. Need to try next year! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful year.

Laura Jane said...

We're good with that too Jen.

Might try this execrise myself.

BTW - full moon coming up soon - watch out for it my friend