Friday, January 29, 2010

Rather than focus on the facts

On a day when we will be lucky if it warms up to 0 degrees f. with wind chill, I will carry this image in my heart to keep me going. And I will wear my warmest socks....


KristenMary said...

I just changed my computer desktop to a photo of Ireland because I just need to seem some green! I know how you feel. What is the story behind this photo, it is so cool!

Jennifer said...

Thanks -- I took the photo at our local zoo (in Massachusetts) summer-before-last, on a day that was hotter-than-hot.

Indeed -- think green!

Lesley said...

Pretty flamingos!
I really don't enjoy the very hot summers we get here, but I'm wondering if I'd rather have them than the cold you have to put up with.
Our winter is a delight — green, cool, occasionally rainy, cold nights ... and I have so much more energy!

Thanks for all your lovely comments, Jen. I'm still hoping and planning to get to Massachusetts one day.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I'm in Massachusetts too and my feet are currently cold, in socks AND fuzzy slippers -- I am imagining them in that blue-blue water with the flamengos.