Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you have no daughters...

...give them to your sons! Hot cross buns. I was inspired to make up my first batch and we all loved them with our hot morning beverages. I see that other recipes seem to call for an overall glaze plus the cross; maybe next time I'll do an egg wash for the shiny appearance (Dean says an overall glaze would be too sticky to deal with). I love foods that are associated with certain holidays, and I love how ancient (*pagan*) traditions got incorporated into Christian traditions in order to make the new ideas hold -- at Easter just as at Christmas. (The old belief here was that cutting the cross shape into baked goods helped ward off evil spirits that might interfere with the baker's success.)

While mulling the cross form, I am endlessly fascinated with the way the paint wears away on the storm drains on our street; these always look beautiful to me.
So much to see in such a small, usually overlooked place.

A tiny, tiny pebble, trying to impersonate an egg, I think.

And tiny buds, waiting breathlessly to unfurl.

I've got photos and stories from the birthday/Easter combo just passed and will try to get caught up this week.


Natalie said...

Ahh... the beauty in the details.

Julie said...

Your rolls look perfectly tempting! Would love to be enjoying one right now. :)

Those are pretty drain grades! Photographed lovely!

Jennifer, you have a calming, quiet way of blogging that I really enjoy.

shirley pickthorne-elliott said...

What an eye you have for hidden bits of beauty, Jennifer, and the way you muse about them opens my mind up too.