Sunday, April 25, 2010

Supporting good causes

When he was 8, Dean came across a flier promoting a fundraising walk. The organization was Dog Orphans, and their annual walk helps support their local no-kill shelter. My response, when Dean said he wanted to participate in the walk, was to explain that he'd have to ask people for money -- that it wasn't just about going and walking, but that he'd need to get people to make donations and that he'd have to do the asking himself.

I was honestly amazed when that didn't deter him at all. We certainly talk a lot at home about supporting causes you believe in, and about the importance of being generous in as many ways as you can -- I just didn't think he'd taken the message to heart at such a young age.

He's done the walk every year since then. Today he made his neighborhood appeal, going door-to-door explaining his project and asking for support. I am so proud of him. It's very hard to make a direct appeal like that, and I'm proud at how committed he feels to this organization. He also saves up a portion of his allowance so that he can make his own contribution -- $50 this year!

The walk is next Sunday (5/2). If you're interested in making a small donation, please let me know (it's a non-profit organization so gifts are tax-deductible).

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