Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some kind of a break

We're on school vacation this week. Most schools in New England get a week off in February and another week in April (some do 2 weeks mid-March instead, which is more in line with what colleges do). Anyway, I've never understood why we get these vacations, although I'm not complaining. We're making a week a mix of some down time, some errands and chores, and some outdoor time (we never get as many opportunities to take long walks as we would like...).

I wish we were in Maine, although it's probably still pretty cold and muddy up there. Even more, I wish we were in Chicago, holding the memorial service for my mom that we had planned but that ended up being destined, for now, not to be.

Dean's happy enough to be close to home, to have a break from routine but still be surrounded by the familiar.

I wish we had a little stream like this running through our yard; streams offer endless opportunities to play and explore.

Came across this tiny flower that I've never seen before. Any ideas what it could be?

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Katie said...

Hi! I know this wildflower as 'Adder's Tongue.' Isn't it lovely? It was one of the wildflowers we'd find in the Michigan woods in the spring.