Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lottery

We buy lottery tickets. Ken keeps an eye on the jackpots; there are a couple of different state lotteries, and then Massachusetts is part of a multi-state mega jackpot lottery. Every once in a while, we'll have a dinner table conversation about what we'd do if we ever won $5, $10, $200 million dollars. Ken is kind of a *lottery savant* -- tell him the jackpot amount and he'll tell you the lump-sum payout and the take-home after taxes. (It's a gift.)

Anyway, we all enjoy thinking about not just what we'd do for ourselves, but how we'd take care of family, friends, and causes that are important to us. It's worth a dollar or two to foster these daydreams, and someone has to win, right?

And the other reason we don't feel we're senselessly throwing money away is that we actually like the fact that our dollar or two is making possible someone else's dream come true -- that we're contributing to someone's most unbelievably awesome day.

Still, it would be nice to win -- Team Paradox would certainly have it's money problems solved!


Julie said...

I'd never thought about the fact that you're making someone else's dream come true....Rather kindly way of thinking about it. :)

Theresa said...

I love your blog title. Once my daughter was really hot in the car and she said, "Mom I am infinity boiled in fire!"

Natalie said...

Natalie *hearts* Jennifer.
I wish I had seen this sooner, but really it is perfect timing... so thank you for the robo-love!

SarahandJoe said...

What a lovely way to think about it and one I will adopt from now on!