Monday, April 9, 2007

More for a Monday

Sometime later today, if all goes according to plan (a very big "if"), then this bit of fabric and pins will be finished off with a result looking something like...

...this. Essentially view 'C' but without contrasting fabric or the ties -- sort of a jacket/shirt to be worn over a short-sleeved, dressy tee-shirt. This was the fabric I almost used for an apron. Certainly an apron, or a skirt, could have been the wiser choice given the very directional print which I knew would cause me problems. I will get a picture of myself in the finished product to post it and see how much you think I should be bothered by my error. I haven't done this kind of garment sewing in a long time; I've been pretty much working with polar fleece if I've been sewing clothing which is SO forgiving.... These Simplicity patterns can be a pain because they don't always give you the details you'd like in your directions (at least one step was just completely missing) and the way they had me sew the arm sleeve and then the body together caused some weird gathering at the armpits that I can't seem to put right (the solace is that the two sides are exactly the same). If this project survives a washing, ironing, and repeated wearing, then I may tackle view 'E' which replaces the cross-over front with a center closure, but that's getting too far ahead of myself for now. Still have the hamster head banner to quilt (though I did get it basted) and eleventy-million other things to finish up, and a bathroom to scrub and a project room to clean and the remains of the Easter dinner dishes to dispense with. So off I go.


Felicia said...

The little flower print is pretty. You're a braver woman than I to try the pattern. I haven't followed a pattern in years and have been working with forgiving creature fabric myself lately!

woof nanny said...

I tend to write notes all over my patterns, so I can better follow the directions if I make the item a second time. Simplicity is notorious for having poor directions. I guess Vogue and Butterick are supposed to be the most thorough, and Burda the most difficult.
To answer your question on my blog, no I haven't finished the little girl's dress yet (eek), but I will. I recommend you look into classes though--I have learned soooo much in classes (from a one-day purse class at a quilt store, to a full semester sewing class in college). Find something that interests you--even a workshop. It's just fun to meet other people that sew even.