Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another successful "turn off" week under our collective belts, we return today to our t.v., computers, and video games knowing that we can happily exist without those things and full of ideas about what to do with our time instead of going with electronic entertainment. Take a break yourself when you can and see if it doesn't revive you.

Dean's birthday party was yesterday and our dance to the sun god paid off -- lovely weather despite a questionable forecast. This game, Odd or Even, from the 1964 "Betty Crocker's Parties for Children" book (reprinted many times and still pretty readily available) was a big hit. It's one of those great games that works indoors or out and with any number of players (click on the image to see a bigger, more legible version if you're interested). Weirdly, the games that didn't go as well were the games that Dean and his classmates love playing at school. I'm guessing that's because the different venue threw them off their routines -- Capture the Flag in an entirely different environment left them uncertain of things that they count on knowing when they play during recess. But still a good time had by all, no injuries, and everyone picked up pretty much on time. Can't ask for more than that!

I didn't get a single bit of sewing or crafting done this week. Between party preparations and a very busy week at work it just wasn't possible. Also, the room where all my stuff is becomes the "shove everything in here" room during a clean-up for any kind of event at home, so even if I'd had the time it would have been tough to get at anything. Today I'll sort that back out and try to accomplish something. The rains that held off yesterday are falling now, so it's a perfect day to be indoors catching up. I'd made Dean's party date such a milestone in my head, putting off even thinking about a lot of things until "after the party," that I need to collect myself now and think more about plans for the spring and summer. It seems especially easy to let this time of year just slip away because suddenly every weekend has an array of activities (soccer games, other birthday parties to attend, the local fishing derby, fundraising events, gardening, cookouts) -- the great rush to do it all before it gets too hot to do much of anything. Maybe making a list will help.

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