Thursday, August 9, 2007


I'm not usually a fan of yo-yo quilts; they don't seem like real quilts to me when they are the sewn-together strings of yo-yos with all the gaps in between. Just not cozy. But this quilt caught my eye, with the yo-yos appliqued on a top and then the whole thing backed and quilted. I like the cheeriness of the red and whites, too. It's from this catalog, if you're curious. And no, I still haven't finished any of my current quilting projects yet.

Today is Bob C.'s 40th birthday -- Happy Birthday, Bob! Bob is the youngest brother of my best friend growing up, Pat. Their family lived next door to us, and we all grew up together (the 7 kids in their family and me) in the best kind of neighborhood way. I was five when Bob was born, and I have such vivid memories of his babyhood and childhood; for me, he's one of those people who can never be "old;" he'll always be the youngest one of the gang. It doesn't hurt that he's also always been a truly kind, sweet person -- those qualities always seem to make people young for life in the best possible way.


Felicia said...

Happy Birthday Bob!

Yes, I know what you mean about the yoyo quilts. I just can't appreciate them like some folks can.

Anonymous said...

hi Jennifer it has been lovely to catch up on your last few posts and I wanted to tell you I have nominated you for a Bloggers Nice Matters Award!!

Helen Conway said...

I agree - I saw a real (as opposed to photographed) yo yo quilt for the first time in Paris and it reminded me of those toilet roll holders my grandmother used to crochet that were kind of like a crinoline skirt for a little doll which stood in the hole of the toilet roll. (Please tell me this dreadful concept crossed the Atlantic!) However, I do like the red quilt - they look like sweeties! I have a yo-yo maker I haven't used yet ( you - so addicted to notions I bought a piece of plastic to make something I didn't like!!) so now I know what to aim for.

Kate said...

I feel the same about yo-yos, but I love the colours of that quilt!