Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ken!

A sudden birthday wish of Ken's had us in Boston today, to see the Edward Hopper exhibit at the MFA before it closes on Sunday. Two museums in a week is such an incredible treat now, where it would have been just routine back in the day. Every time we go into Boston recreationally, it seems some massive changes have been made; the city is changing at a truly mind-boggling pace. It's depressing to me that museums are becoming so expensive that they now exclude so many, and unbelievable that the changes to the city's transit system make it even harder to use than it was before. New England has a weird, but strong undercurrent of "insider-ness," or this unwillingness to make it easy for outsiders to navigate -- the old Vermonter "you can't get there from here" thing is not only true, it's by design. But I DO digress, because the point really was that we had a wonderful time.

I've finished quilting but need to bind my small broken dishes quilt -- hurray! A project will be completed this summer! I'll take pictures of it and a few of the other things I've been promising; nothing like checking stuff off the list.


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Ken.
I admire people that lead the way on their birthday and do the things they want to do... it makes for an extra happy day.

Felicia said...

What a wonderful opportunity to see the work of such a talented artist. It is a shame that museums are so little valued by our society that they're forced to raise their rates in order to afford staying open. Happy Birthday to Ken!