Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tuning back in

I didn't mean to disappear; the lack of action here was counterbalanced with almost frenzied activity out here in real-world-ville. We've had out-of-town family visiting, we celebrated my brother Chris' 50th birthday, we did day trips , traveled farther afield, saw friends, hiked, fished, ate (and how!) and generally enjoyed ourselves dawn to dusk. Today is going to be quiet, catch-up time before back to work next week and then back to school the week after that.

In all the commotion I did manage to make the binding for my quilt; it is attached on the front but now I need to do the hand sewing to tack it to the back. The approach of fall gives me the spark to pick up the pace on my own projects and to get back to the Christmas-gift making. I'm not sure if it is a reflection of our collective advancing age, or a reflection of the times, but I'm amazed and delighted that my resolve to give primarily homemade gifts seems to have been met recently with more genuine appreciation than ever before -- people seem so happy to have been given something that was made just for them. Makes it worthwhile, and takes away some of my -- guilt? concern? -- at not being able to spend much money on gifts. When people seem happier with the simple handmade thing than they would be with something I'd gone out and shopped for, I feel this whole effort has been the right way to go. So this lights the fire to get going on Christmas!

For now, though, we are focusing on taking in these last days of summer. More time outdoors, more stops at farm stands, more ice cream (if that's even possible!). I feel ready for the adventures, and for the start of the new year feeling that always comes with the start of school.


Jeanne said...

Summer is winding down, so you need to get as much fun and vacation as possible before it ends. Sounds like you were keeping busy and having a great time.

Felicia said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration. Sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun. Hooray for Christmas! I'm sure your handmade gifts will be treasured.

jess said...

What other ideas do you have for Christmas? Since we're having a China Free Christmas this year, I'll ba making a lot of things. I'm always on the look out for new inspirations!