Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh boy

Ken has commented to me, not unfairly, that my collage work tends to be very feminine. This can be an issue when I'm making calendars for men (I gave Ken his 2008 calendar for his birthday and he loved it; now I'm working on another gift for a male friend with an upcoming birthday). There's no question that I do my best work for myself -- that's not out of "saving the best for me," but rather a reflection of the fact that the materials and images I collect and the stories I tell are most meaningful to me. So it's a good challenge then to make these for other people. I'm also happy to be working ahead; this current project -- part of a pair, actually, for husband and wife friends who have birthdays close together -- will get mailed in late October and I'm glad to be able to have the time to enjoy the process and not feel under the gun just to finish.

Do you know about the lunar eclipse coming our way? Be sure to try and get a glimpse if you can.

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Mary said...

What a neat idea, collaging your own calendars. I love the playing cards theme of this one - I'm sure the recepients just love these, too. In this month's Country Living there is a feature on vintage playing cards - so graphic and "texty" - right up our alley! You've really got me inspired to make handmade gifts - tis the season, I suppose!