Thursday, August 30, 2007

This, that, and the other thing

1. I love vintage board games (mostly because I played them all during my childhood when they were simply the games of the day!). These cards are from the 1957 edition of Wide World, which is often available on eBay -- it's a family game I can highly recommend. We played it just the other day and I lost again, but I'm OK with that.

2. Thirty minutes, tops, from into-the-shower to ready-to-go. That's my mantra.

3. No TV watching during the day!

4. Always re-pay a debt.

5. Be on time and be dependable.

6. Birthdays are precious; celebrate accordingly.

7. Be prepared! Make a list!

8. I get all my magic powers from coffee. Two cups of coffee a day.

Heidi tagged me for the "8 things about me" deal and even though I did one of these last month, I thought I'd give it one more go. I'm delighted to see that more and more of the bloggers who'd signed off for the summer are returning; have you checked out Jenny over at all sorts recently?

(BTW, I did not do the little watercolor from my previous post -- it was a gift.) Hey, have you been stopping by but not leaving comments? Take a moment and say 'hello!'


Felicia said...

Yep, I grew up with board games. They were the Xbox of my youth :)

el zed said...

Hi Jennifer!
Used to be a board game nut; they were all we had, plus playing cards. These days I can only tolerate Scrabble. But I'm a sucker for things like Nintendo. And computer solitaire. Shameful.

Helen Conway said...


Natalie said...

I like your list and I would be a much better person if I adopted some of your habits said...

All my magic powers come from 1 cup of Teatley's Britsh Blend tea in the morning... two cups if it's superhero power day...