Wednesday, August 1, 2007

If at first you don't receive

I am hatching a plan to try to convince Dean to give me this bracelet he made yesterday in zoo camp. I want to be subtle about it, and want to leave him a guilt-free out, seeing as he did make it for himself. No, this won't be like the time he made the chipmunk for Grandma and when I saw it I told him, in no uncertain terms, that he could absolutely not give it to Grandma and that he HAD to give it to me (even though he'd already written "to grandma from dean" on the back). I did of course offer to gather the supplies so he could make another one, or something else, for Grandma, but he declined and so it remains forever mine. So anyway, I love this bracelet and it fits me. Wish me luck.

This is the half-way point for Dean's last week of zoo camp. It is about 25 minutes away from our house and my only regret about the drive is that there is not one, single, solitary grocery store on the route (and there are no alternate routes). It's a beautiful drive for the most part, past many small farms and down winding country roads; there are places where people put out little card tables with bounty from their gardens and coffee cans for an honor-system to pay. There's one house -- well two, now that I think on it -- that always seem to have birdhouses for sale. But there's no place to stop for a gallon of milk or the ingredients for Asian Chicken Salad
and alas that means a 15-minute drive in a different direction (30 minutes round trip). So I'm trying to figure out how to live off the fat of our land here and make it a few more days without extra driving. Wish me luck.

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el zed said...

Hello again, Jennifer - nice to know you've been visiting!
Vegas was amazing - some friends of ours are now trying to talk David into looking at opening a restaurant there. Fastest growing city in the US.
The bus trip to the GC Western Rim was about 3 hours, perhaps just a little longer. You see a lot of Joshua trees!
The 93 highway from Vegas goes right across the Hoover Dam, which is out of this world. The bus didn't stop there, unfortunately, but I wish it had. There's so much great stuff to see. And you start on one side of the dam in Nevada and drive off in Arizona - cool!
After the dam, the bus turned left off the 93 and went through a tiny town called Dolan Springs to get to the GC Nat. Pk.
I read a report in the NY Times on the Skywalk, and the writer reckoned the WR was not the most spectacular part of the canyon, but I thought it was absolutely brilliant.
Thanks for dropping by!