Saturday, May 12, 2007

Attempt at a post

Helen's post reminded me of this page from last year's journal (I'm having trouble getting a link specifically to this post, but it's the one dated May 10). Today it makes me wish that I could be so addicted to a clean house that I enjoyed doing housework and kept right on top of it. Instead, I get so far behind and the house becomes such an unbearable mess that it takes herculean effort to bring it back around again. I guess people get addicted to exercise and that seems on surface like a potentially good thing. But back to Helen's point, we're right in taking the negative connotation away from the word since it does NOT have to mean attachment to something detrimental.


Helen Conway said...

Great minds....! As for the mess I am afraid my solution was a cleaner!

Marisa said...

I wish I was addicted to cleaning. I so want a clean house, but I'm afraid it's not clean enough for me to hire somebody to clean it for me. Is that a strange phobia?