Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My calendar project is blazing along -- if I could love doing other things the way I love making these, I could be...truly happy for more of the time. I do love the sewing stuff too, but right now the 'craft room' is such an unholy mess that I don't have the space to work and for some reason at the moment that gumption is gone. Oh, it'll be back. Soon. Probably after I finish up this calendar. The page, above, is for the week of my birthday.

Someone blogged recently (helpful -- I know -- I'll fix it if I can figure out who it was) [THANK YOU Austen for pointing out the post I meant at Wise Craft!] about how great it is to have a design wall -- a place to put up all the bits and pieces that inspire you. I realize that my calendars serve that function for me; I tuck away all the things that catch my eye, then make the weekly collage images as further inspiration. After I get mine done (yes, I'm working ahead, for 2008) I'll do one for Ken and then one each for two friends who received calendars as birthday gifts and seemed to really enjoy them. But maybe with some breaks for sewing and quilting and aproning and, well, stuff.

I noticed from my stats that I'm getting a few more new people wandering through lately. Hello to you all, and do leave me a little note if you can -- I'd love to come visit your space, too.

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Austen G. said...

Your calendar pages are just great...no wonder you enjoy making them so much. I think it's important to take breaks from one kind of craft for another once in a while...it's so nice to come back to something after a hiatus, for one thing, and you can get so much inspiration from other areas of your life, for another. (Oh, and I think that inspiration wall post might have been at Wise Craft...it caught my eye too! http://blairpeter.typepad.com/weblog/2007/05/flowers_tea_coz.html)