Tuesday, May 15, 2007

International Cooperation

Helene and I had a small, impromptu magazine swap; these riches arrived from her yesterday. Being me, I had an immediate panic attack -- did I send her enough? was what I sent good enough? I can't believe how wonderful these things are! will she be happy with what I sent? In my frenzied state, I quickly got out an email to her to thank her profusely and to beg for feedback if she feels shorted in any way when her envelope arrives. I also had post-office anxiety -- the lady at the post office on Friday was excited to be able to send off the package at a rate that has been eliminated with the new US postal rates that went into effect yesterday, but will that mean Helene's package will be delayed in anyway? Oh really, I make myself a wreck over these things. I like to think that it's the mark of a conscientious person; that worrying means I care. But there is the possibility that it's just a sign that I'm nutty.

So the delights from Helene included two amazing magazines, a gorgeous hunk of what I'd call drapery weight fabric, moo cards (my first moo cards! I got moo cards!), tiny butterfly buttons, a doll card and a dolly postcard. I think I am going to have to learn to crochet -- not that I don't want to, just that I fear a new stack of supplies and WIPS. Oh, and I need to learn French. I like to think that my receptive French is ok (I could usually follow the instructions, or comprehend the information, when people spoke to me on my travels -- or at least I didn't have anyone start screaming and waving their arms at me so I thought I was doing what I was supposed to) and my menu French is ok, but reading is another story all-together. But then, hey, it's easier than following Japanese.... In any case, these French magazines are beyond beautiful and are stuffed full of inspiration and delights. Is it a "grass is always greener" thing? I'm hard pressed to think why someone in France would want a Martha Stewart magazine, but maybe there's always appeal to what's 'foreign.'
[edit: I didn't intend to sound insulting when I wrote this -- on re-reading, I realize I made it sound like I disapproved of Helene's interest in MSL. I did not mean it that way at all. I just meant that I think everything is so much better in France. Of course Martha puts out a nice magazine or she wouldn't be where she is today, and I have quite the collection of back-issues, and I was happy to get the newest issue to send off for this swap. Forgive any implications otherwise in the original post!]


Biscuitbear said...

Glad you liked the things I sent you, and don't worry about the package you sent, I'm sure I'll love it! I started to read MSL, when I could get my hands on it, in the late nineties. I lived in Japan at the time and when I went to Tokyo I always went to Tower Records in Shibuya. The top floor was a bookshop called Tower Books and was one of the very few places where I could find it. I guess what I liked about it is the thoroughness of its homekeeping culture ; I like to immerse myself in it though I'd never be up to it myself. Also I like the mix of subjects, some crafts, some decoration, some practical advice, some cooking etc. I like how they treat their subjects in depth.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry -- I hope I didn't make you feel you had to justify your interest in MSL; I only meant that everything you have access to just seems so much better than what we have to offer in the US. Martha does put out a nice magazine, no question -- and I'm pretty sure that the universal response to her is "I'd never be up to it myself"! ;-)

Biscuitbear said...

Don't worry, I didn't think you meant it in a bad way! I'm such a magazine addict anyway, I'm sure there are American magazines I would want even if MSL and Home Companion didn' exist!