Thursday, May 17, 2007

Looking forward to plans I've made with a friend to check out a local antiques mall, where she'll be admiring tables and eyeballing furniture while I scour for buttons and sewing notions and ephemera. It reminds me of going with friends to the Brimfield Antiques Fair and we drove in this HUGE old Toyota Landrover, and bought things like salt and pepper shakers and saw other people trying to cram dining room tables into subcompacts.... I don't need anything as much as I need the chance to get out and do something that the boys aren't into doing.

Perhaps "sproing!" would be a better name than "spring" for what's happening here; I feel quite literally that I look away from my garden for a moment, for a day, and then suddenly see things a foot tall. Our grass is a lush green that only survives until the big heat comes to stay and the rains depart -- we do not water our lawn so this color never lasts.

Only four weeks left of school, with the Memorial Day holiday thrown in and a couple other random days off for good measure -- can fireflies be far behind?

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