Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ahoy there, matey!

In case you need a reason to be tempted, Keepsake Quilting is having a sale. If you're not familiar with them, they are one of the largest independent quilt shops in the US and provide excellent customer service (internationally).

Another quilting resource I'll mention while I'm at it is All People Quilt. Now, I think this is a very odd name, since it isn't true. I'm funny that way. But it's worth stopping by for a look as it's sponsored by Meredith Corporation, which produces a number of the top US quilting magazines.

True story: we're all sitting on the sofa the other evening, and I notice Ken looks a little odd so I ask, "what's wrong?" Ken says, "Um, I don't know." And Dean pipes up: "Short-term memory loss?" No, we could not stop laughing....

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Donna said...

LOL! Sounds like Luke. Gotta love those quick witted kids!