Monday, June 4, 2007

Fruit stripe

Do you remember Fruit Stripe gum? I don't chew gum anymore -- haven't for years -- but today I am thinking about the distinctive flavor and smell of Fruit Stripe and it is reminding me of elementary school. All started by this fruity little dress.

The dress template came in the Somerset Life magazine and I've been playing around with the shape. All kinds of possibilities.

I'm feel better today, which makes me laugh at myself; it is a rainy, gloomy Monday morning and I'm dressed for work (I *usually* have Mondays off but have to work today). Not exactly "woo-hoo" ingredients. But the weird fog of hopelessness/frustration seems lifted and I'm starting to see solutions (read the manual and adjust the tension and clean the machine before just bringing the sewing machine in for service; look for a wall unit that could go above my "paper crafts" table to help organize things; keep weeding through old magazines and consolidating, etc.). I do sometimes let myself be "reverse inspired" by some of the incredible studio/craft spaces I see on other blogs -- that is, I think only that it's what I want but will never have and give up, rather than appreciating that I do have space available to me and that I just have to put it to better use and invest some time and effort (and maybe a little money) to make it work for me. I'll get there.

OK -- no joke -- here's the back of the fruit dress:
So I'll laugh when I say it -- I've got my work cut out for me.


el zed said...

Hello Jennifer. I'm so thrilled that you (a) left a comment on my blog, (b) read my Chapter III posts and (c) said you were 'intrigued' by my Yarnstorm small pleasantnesses. I am seriously chuffed!
My blog is really a great way to keep in touch with my mates back home, and for them to check in every now and then to see what we are up to. With occasional silliness!
It's so much better than emails.
We left Australia a little over a year ago to start a restaurant (, which has been a great adventure.
the two youngest kids came with us. Lily (19) is at college in Washington state, and Will (17) is at high school.
You've made me wonder, now, if I sound like a whinger, or seem to be comparing Oz and the US and favouring OZ - because I DO love it here in California. I love both places.
I've wanted to live in the US since we came on our honeymoon in 1983!
But our parents, our elder son and his family are back home, and all my wonderful girlfriends of 30 years and more, so that's a big 'pull'.
It was so great to hear from you!

Felicia said...

LOL very sweet :)

Donna said...

Yet, another thing we have in common; I no longer chew gum. The kids try so hard to get me to chew and I can't bring myself to do it. Bluck! Fruit stripe gum was a total treat when I was a kid. If memory serves, it seems like the flavor ran out rather quickly making you get through your pack quickly. I still love the smell of it. Your fruity dress is making me think of cool refreshment on a tropical beach. So yummy. I'm LOL at what's on the back. Takes one right back to reality! I'm in the same state as you when it comes to my creative space. LOTS of work to be done and a little bit of money also needs to be spent. Seems overwhelming. I think I'll go cover some more coffee cans instead.