Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home again, home again, jigitty jig!

It is just heavenly to travel, to relax, to enjoy a vacation and to return, safe and sound, home again (with stories to tell and chocolates to eat and a healthy glow from time in the sun to remind you of it all). We hiked several amazing trails at Acadia National Park, explored all over Mount Desert Island including the very touristy Bar Harbor, then spent restful days at Crescent Beach.

I've got, of course, mountains of laundry to do and loads of film to develop; I'll attempt to get to the film quickly so that I can show a few of our own photos of the trip. I don't know if it's the timing of the trip (we always go somewhere in Maine during the third week of June once school is out), or all the sunshine and sea air, or all the food or the ability to sleep in, but Dean seems to go through a growth spurt every year on the trip. This year he was more adventurous about what he ate, he was amazing on the hiking trails (some were really difficult but worth it for the view at 900 feet or so), he was flexible as plans changed, and he slept like nobody's business (a major, major coup for the Boy Who Does Not Sleep In and *Never* Takes Naps).

I did get some quilting done, but was put off the project by a seagull who carefully took aim and landed its droppings on my quilt-covered lap -- I rinsed it best I could and now need to finish it off quickly so I can get it into the wash for real. Oh well. I'm ready to get my summer projects underway in any case.

I'll also have to post scans of the riches -- riches, I tell you -- that I received from Linda in our scrap swap. If I ever needed any inspiration, she sent it (along with a lot else as well). I feel very out of touch with the blog world and need to get reacquainted, and give you all the the other updates that I owe.

I think the home was the best thing ever invented in the world.

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Helen Conway said...

Oh no - bird poop on a quilt is far worse than any of my dilemas! Thanks for putting it into perspective! Glad you had a good trip.