Monday, June 11, 2007

Another year

It seems as though it happens daily now -- I stop by a favorite blog, only to find its creator has signed off for the summer. It's not that I don't understand their good reasons, it's just that I'll miss their voices and hope they remember, come September, to return. We all have our own pattern to our year, to our seasons, our own energy levels associated with the weather and the quality of light and our social and growing and crafting seasons. I love all the different ways to count a 'year' -- as the school year winds down and finishes up this Friday it feels as though I've got a whole new chance at a fresh start. I love a fresh start.

Three packages, maybe even four, I've sent should arrive at their destinations this week; I'm always on pins and needles while waiting to hear that the post office has done it's job. I've just realized that if I don't get my film developed and my tie one on apron photo posted on flickr this week I'll miss the deadline since we head off on vacation this Saturday. So if I can, I'll get that done; I'm just delighted to have finished my apron. It reminds me that I had another epiphany last night -- it's either a digital camera or furniture to re-make my craft room this year but not both. I'm leaning toward the camera.


Felicia said...

Wish I could take the summer off LOL. Hope you have an excellent vacation.

Linda said...

Jennifer I have just realised you will be away when your parcel arrives!!! Will the post office keep it until your return?? The post office here said it will take about 10 days to get there. Have a lovely vacation

Donna said...

My vote is HANDS DOWN, the digital camera. No question about it.