Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to "a"

Can you see the "A" form on this tree trunk?

"A" is for arborvitae.

Although I'd posted these on Flickr at the ABC-Along 2008, I never did post them here, as Natalie pointed out! I do wonder with my "found form" letters (where I am attempting to find things in nature/outdoors that suggest the form of each letter) if it's just me -- is my "A" made of veins or my "B" rock as obvious to you as it is to me, or am I seeing things? The second photo for each letter will be something that starts with that letter, and I'm hoping through that exercise that I learn more names of things as I go.

We were so fortunate to get out last night to hear a local symphony and have a lovely dinner out with friends while Dean had a great time with Olivia, who came over to watch him. Aside from the joy of hearing professional musicians perform, I especially love the way a particular program introduces connections and relationships between seemingly unrelated pieces of music; I imagine that's the real passion for the conductors and directors who develop the programs. They teach us to hear music in new ways.


Natalie said...

You win the Best in Show for your Nature Alphabet. I went to see the Flickr photos and I was hoping the alphabets were found letters, like what you've done, but mostly it was "A is for Apple."
I do see the "A" and the "B"." And in the picture of Dean in the snow, I imagined an "A" in the branches. I saw a wide mouthed "O" in his garden.

Felicia said...

Perhaps I need another cup of coffee this morning. It took me a few minutes to find the A in that picture! LOL

Helen Conway said...

All very clever and pretty Jennifer but where are the photos of your craft room mess you promised me?!

Laura Jane said...

I see them - I do believe, I do believe Jen!

You don't even need to squint to see them. They're lovely photos, keep going, I'm keen to see how they turn out.

And Helen - if you want to see craft room messes...O...M...G you should see mine! (NO you can't, although I DO have photos and they are not very pleasant)