Friday, January 18, 2008

Make peace

Dean, center there, reading his part in his class' presentation on Mahatma Gandhi, given during our annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly at school. We honor Dr. King's work by not only teaching all children at our school about King and the civil rights movement, but we also honor him as a peacemaker and pacifist, and explore the contributions of others who made a difference to the world on either civil rights or peace issues. It means so much to us that our school makes this commitment to what "education" includes. And having seen Dean grow over the years from the child who didn't want a speaking part and who always managed to somehow stand behind a classmate to a boy who can read his part loudly enough for everyone in a crowded gym to hear is also thanks in part to our school that puts social and emotional growth right up there with learning math and writing. Monday is a national holiday here in the US, honoring the work and the sacrifice of MLK. I ask you to take a moment to think about peace, and to honor the work and the life of a man who changed things for the better. If you've never heard his voice, I direct you over here so you can listen; you will never forget his words when you hear him speak them.

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Natalie said...

Very good Dean! And I needed a reminder about Dr. King's birthday. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. King are two people that I very much admire. Weren't they brave? I think you were brave too.