Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Week of shame, entry 1

Helen is making me do this. Really, I am fortunate to have her friendship, because she is the kind of friend who is pushing me in the way I need to be pushed. She has worked out this great transatlantic method of getting me to get my act together so that instead of merely telling her all the time how impressed I am by how productive she is, she's going to get me in shape so that I can be productive, too.

Here's the story: last summer, I posted about a quilt I'd started years ago that I really wanted to finish. Helen gave me some friendly prompts -- how's that quilt coming along? Well, I did get a different project completed but sewed nary a stitch on that first one. And Helen was good enough to remember and to remind me about it recently. So I had to come clean: my craft room is such a horrific, out-of-control mess that I can't even find the fabrics I need to get going on that quilt. Helen proposed a cleaning/WIP day -- we'll pick 5 or 6 hours on a given day when, with the time difference, we'd both be home and able to work on our projects. We'll check in regularly via email on our progress, chat a little during some break times, and see what we can get accomplished. She thinks I'm exaggerating my mess. I said I'd start posting pictures here of JUST how awful things are so that I'd have the added pressure of public humiliation to push me forward.

This week, then, I'll show you the mess. Up there is my scrapbooking/card making/collage making table, and I've yet to show you the rat's nest underneath it. No surprise that I can't find supplies when I need them nor that I need to spend time pushing piles of stuff around just to scrape out a few inches of open space on the table before I can do anything. It's like that for every craft -- supplies scattered to the four winds and completely without organization so it's a chore just to find what I need, no space to do any work, and effort required to make room to do anything. It means I mistakenly buy things I already have (although less of this lately, since I haven't been buying) or finding too late the perfect thing for a project that's come and gone. But mostly it means years and years worth of WIPs, since if something doesn't get finished then it and its attendant supplies get pushed away in so many different places that it's almost impossible to bring them together again.

Wish me luck.


Pikkujutut said...

What a brave woman you are! Showing your craft area before tidying up ;). I do wish you luck and thanks for sharing this. I have same problem -can't find anything so maybe need to some cleaning as well.

Quilt Pixie said...

may the good fairy come and help you :-)

Natalie said...

This is very familiar. So, very, very familiar. I am going to be paying close attention to these cleaning up posts: I can use the inspiration.
But please don't be too hard on yourself. I know from experience some wonderful and generous creations emerge from your craft room.

Karen said...

first - thanks for letting me know about options for felting a golden retriever - I just checked my blog and found your comment and so checked back here

second - LOL again and again. I love your craft room honesty. We moved into our house this July and I set up my first ever craft room in the smallest bedroom and it was perfect for a day. Everything in place everything at hand - it took me 2 weeks to get it right. I have started a pillow case and started a little girls apron and started quilting my daughter quilt and the room became a total disaster. Ive just left the door shut tight!!!

Now that we are moving and selling I spent the last week wrestling it back to an organized state but I am afraid cant do anything in the room or it will explode again.

(truthfully I like it a bit messy but its going to stay pristine until we sell)

Everyone needs friend like yours - please post some dean quilt pictures when you can

take care

Helen Conway said...

Oh this is emminently do-able so far... lots of straorage places and boxes already, juts a littl eoverflo wonthe table.... or is there much worse to come?!! I have to say though, I do query how many pairs of scissors with coloured handles a girl needs!

Garnered Stitches said...

Helen asked readers of her blog to visit yours and offer encouragement with your cleaning up of the work room. So good luck, it won't hurt too much, I promise and the sence of accomplishment will be immence!
As for the scissors every craft girl needs as many scissors as she can lay her hands on. I am having a scissors missing moment - best embroidery scissors and manicure scissors have been nabbed by the scissor imp and I need both back NOW!
Looking forward to see what you and Helen acheive on the 9th Feb

Laura Jane said...

Oh, Jen, its fine - although I appreciate the honesty about the rats nest under the table. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with hoarding, stuffing away and buying again problems.

I'm gathering strength to post the hideous photos of my craft room where I too scrabble for space on a project by project basis.

More power to you - you could be starting something here!

deb said...

Honestly that is no too bad at all. Recently I literally could not walk in the door of my sewing room! I have now taken up the dining room, who needs to eat dinner at the table any way? Keep up the good work though. I'm impressed!!