Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gone to the dogs

OK, so here's what happened. I went to the New England Quilt Museum today with my friend Lisa. (Hi Lisa!) Getting out, being sociable, doing some things that I like to do are all there on that resolution list. Check, check, check. Well, the museum gift shop does have a nifty selection of books. And I did know that I shouldn't even pick this one up, because of course once I did, it was over. I've never needle-felted, but so many bloggers have made it sound so fun and so easy, and I'm already addicted to the making of little animals (esp. dogs!), so I had to buy it. When I tried putting it back down on the shelf for all the right reasons, I knew I would just keep thinking about it and regret not buying it, so I stopped playing games and just got it.

ISBN 978-1-57120-433-2, and published in the US by C&T. Even has a nice tool and wool resource list in the back. I will NOT start any needle-felted dogs until I finish Dean's quilt. I promise. And who knows? Maybe there's someone out there on Craig's List who is desperately trying to unload a lot of wool roving and related supplies -- maybe she's desperate to try quilting, and wants to do a trade....

I did start quilting his quilt today, even. More to feel good about. And folded just a little more laundry. Dinner will be our weekly homemade pizza. Do you have a bread machine? Making pizza dough in them is just heaven on earth. If you do not have a bread machine, dollars to donuts you can get yourself one for free, just like I did. Bread machines were one of those big gift items -- what? -- 10 years ago? -- and a lot of people who have them don't use them. The thing is, you really only want to make dough in them, you really don't want to bake the bread in them; it makes it tough to clean the machine and the shape is all weird. So start asking around, and if you have in-laws/parents to ask, let them know you are looking to adopt someone's machine that's not being used. If you have a church bulletin, or a school newsletter to publish your request in, go for it. You'll be amazed at how quickly you will have a free bread machine. Let me know if you want my pizza dough recipe.


Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer,
I had a great time. I know a little boy who would love a felted german shepherd. I'm not sure I saw one in the book.

Here is a link for a local shop that I've been told has a good selection of needle felting supplies.

Good news, I finished my knitting project when I got home. Now I can go buy another project, right?

See you soon.


Karen said...

Hi Jennifer

Does the book have a golden retriever? Pls let us know how the dog project works out. Saw your comment on allsorts and am really liking your blog

Jennifer said...

No golden and no german shepherd, but there's a lab and an afghan that I *think* could be kind of combined to make a golden, and I think the shepherd could be adapted from the husky design. I'm also seeing these as Christmas ornaments -- a little seasonal collar, some fishing line up through the center for a loop, and the barking dogs singing Jingle Bells in the background!

Natalie said...

I know playing with wool is in my future... these look so cute. I love your truth about finding a bread machine... they're out there, just waiting to be adopted!

Helen Conway said...

We make bread in our bread machine all the time! ( And on special days we make chocolate bread!) But its true that you get a hole in the bottom where the spatula thing goes - loaf is a regular shape though. And have you used it for dough for cinnamon buns? Heavenly.

By the way - check out my post on my other blog www.quiltlandchronicle.blogspot.combecause you are in it!)

jess said...

How fun!
I just got a needle felting kit for Christmas. I've been dying to try it out, I can't wait to see what you make!

Felicia said...

Oh what a cute book. I needle felted my first (and sadly only) creature a few months ago. It was so much fun! But gosh, it took about a thousand years. But the time does go by quickly if you're in front of the TV. And it was heaps of fun.

Trudi said...

I have been eyeing this dog book - it looks so cute! And, thanks for your comment on my blog - by the way, I loved Ratatouille! ( :