Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few things to share

I realized that my final post from yesterday now reads from the bottom up, which is a little confusing. Sorry about that! The end of day photos and comments are first, and then the last part is what I wrote at the start of the day.

One of many benefits of the clean out was coming across a few things I'd been looking for. One was a box of old photos I'd bought in Chicago -- a town where you still find lots of neighborhood junk/"antique" stores where you can pick up a nice stack of vintage photos for a few dollars. I'll share some over the coming days; for starters, here are a couple of great ones:

Next, I did post my letter form "C" to the ABC-Along:

I'm having trouble finding something out there that begins with the letter "C;" Dean keeps saying 'cardinal!' and I keep explaining how unlikely I will see one when I have my camera and am able to get close enough for a decent shot, but we'll see. I realized today that one unexpected result of my project will be a seasonal record of the year -- with luck by the time I am on "G" or "H" the pictures will start showing signs of spring.

If you're interested in receiving something from my clean up project (a quilting or sewing pattern? cross stitch kit? ribbon? fabric?) leave me a comment and make sure there's a way I can get in touch to get your address. I'm waiting to hear from some of the people who left me comments yesterday and hope to take some things to the post office tomorrow.

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Quilt Pixie said...

ideas for "C" seasonal photo might include a cone, a cloud, a conifer, a creek...