Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Every Day

I love February. I truly do. I have an idea this morning that I am going to try to post every day this month and I intend to do my best.

Flickr is one of those wonders of which I have barely scratched the surface. I still have just the free account, in fact, and haven't posted too much there yet. Through last year's ABC-Along, I was invited to join a Queen Anne's Lace group; it never would have occurred to me that such a group would exist, but knowing it is there has made me pay even more attention to my winter garden.
Still playing with polar bears. I'd like to figure out how to make future bears stand up on their own; would it just be a matter of weight in the legs? or would it take wire armature as well?

Although I'll be the first to admit that this latest piece is not perfectly rectangular, it IS less wonky that it appears here. When I showed this to Ken and Dean, they were both worried that it was not intended for us and were delighted to hear that yes, guys, I did actually make something we're keeping. Valentine's decoration, don't you know?

I tried a different method for the binding. Four separate pieces rather than one continuous piece, with the idea that it would help keep my corners more crisp and consistent. I do like the lack of seams in the binding along the way.


Natalie said...

I would certainly warm-up to February if you were posting every day!

Linda said...

I am loving your polar bears they are adorable, I am also loving the photos of snow!!! We have to travel to the top of a mountain to see snow and certainly not at the moment!!!!!!although the extreme heat has eased off thankfully

Gina said...

Love the polar bears

love and hugs Gina xxx

KristenMary said...

LOVE your new polar bear project!! Simple but sweet.