Monday, February 23, 2009


Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, 'Asia' Oct. 2008

I was peripherally aware that the Academy Awards were coming up, although my mom caught me off-guard yesterday when she asked if we'd be watching them. What, already? And, no -- I really can't think what year it would have been when I last watched them. Dean's not even to blame for that; I'd been getting up for work on Monday mornings by 4:30 a.m. for years before he was born, and that's just not a schedule that allows for Sunday night tv watching past about, oh, 7 p.m.

Even more difficult to trace is the point at which I stopped caring. Movies used to be a big part of my life. I even wrote film reviews for a small newspaper on Cape Cod at one point. I mention that only because it's an element of my interest and commitment to film; it was not the kind of thing that literary careers are made of. Anyway.

I suspected, and then confirmed, that the only film nominated this year that I saw was Wall-E. I'm having a hard time figuring out where I file that bit of information. Is it under "pathetic," as in "are you going to get a life anytime soon?"? Is it under "somewhat liberated from mass media"? Is it under "parenthood"? Another slippery part of the equation is how movies have changed. What passes for entertainment often doesn't interest me -- too violent, too graphic, too deeply disturbing. Partly that's age and partly that's just me, so there's less out there that I'm interested in seeing. I guess Benjamin Button would have been a maybe, but I really don't want to do anything to encourage Brad Pitt. (Enough, already.)


Kate said...

I hadn't seen any movies and had hardly heard of them - definitely a side effect of parenthood.

Felicia said...

Yeah know, I'm sort of feeling the same way about films. I couldn't be bothered to watch the Oscars this year either. And I'm thinking I didn't watch them last year. I used to.

Now there are so many more wonderful things to be doing and enjoying. Real stuff, you know, not sit still entertainment. Although I do try to get out to our town's foreign film show which they do only once a month. And wow, do I ever agree about how violent and deplorable they are. It's pretty shocking actually.

Laura Jane said...

I am a little over them too.

Having said that I love the gowns. I mostly love the speeches. I love the salute to the recently departed.

I HATE the oversentimentalised and heavily scripted, wooden and earnest schtick that is read from the teleprompts.

I DID appreciate the way the 5 past winners personally introduced this year's nominees for Best leads and the way they announced the winner.

And I find it immensely funny that you don't want to encourage Brad Pitt. LOL. I understand.

Helen Conway said...

YOu should try and catch Slumdog Millionaire if you can - the cinamatography is amazing. I saw it about a week before the BAFTAs and Oscars and tipped it - its not often I get it right. In fact its the first time but seriously - a great film. It holds no punches though.